The Zero F*cks Given Coins Act as a Worry-Free Lifestyle Reminder

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: zerofuckscoin & coolmaterial
For those consumers needing a reminder to live a worry-free lifestyle more often, there are these No F*cks Coins that comically remind those holding them that they should embrace a carefree attitude more often. The tokens are cleverly sassy and blunt incorporating offensive language and obscene finger gestures into the design.

The term 'No F*cks' has recently been embraced by mainstream colloquial language as a saying that means someone has a relaxed and unfazed attitude towards their life choices. The tokens are made from silver material and appear to look like conventional monetary change. However at closer inspection one will see a middle finger embossed on one side with the other reading "0 F*cks" as the incremental value. These tokens would be a great reminder to carry around for those looking to embrace a more carefree lifestyle.