Patagonia Urges Customers Not to Shop with its Worn Wear Short

Patagonia is launching an anti-buying campaign with a short film entitled Worn Wear.

Patagonia has long been known for supporting environmentalist groups and causes, including sustainability initiatives, and the Worn Wear campaign is attempting to encourage saving, re-using and recycling old clothes by having various outdoorsy individuals recount the stories associated with old pieces of clothing they have had for many years, sometimes decades. Included in the story is a long-time cyclist who points out each tear and stain on his much loved jacket and he explains all the things that have occurred to him in his lifetime. There is also the story of another gentleman who stitched and restitched his own shorts several times over.

Patagonia may be a clothing retailer, but they’re sending the opposite message to 'buy, buy, buy' this holiday season, which will certainly be a hit with environmentalists.