Klingons Review 'Star Trek' for LOVEFiLM.com

 - May 7, 2009   Updated: May 27 2011
References: mischiefpr
Boldly going where no man has gone before, two real life Klingons review the JJ Abrams 'Star Trek' film on European entertainment site LOVEFiLM.com.

The two Klingons--General Karloth and General Sol'rac of the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces--laud the movie's special effects and recommend it to “Klingons everywhere, as well as Earthlings,” despite the fact that no Klingons appear in the new movie.

Implications - Youtube has inspired amateur filmmakers/actors to put their own creative spin on entertainment. From short films to opinion pieces, this generation is looking to express themselves in an imaginative manner. This new attention-seeking groups of artists demonstrate the need to express individuality.