This Infographic Counts Down The World’s Dirtiest Jobs

 - Jan 23, 2013
If you think your job is bad, take a look at the world’s dirtiest jobs in this infographic.

The criteria used to determine the world’s dirtiest jobs is if it involves exposure to one or more of the following: trash, human waste, food waste, stench, chemicals, body fluids, dirt, death, blood and guts.

A lift pump remover does nothing but deal with human waste. When someone flushes the toilet, that waste goes to a waste processing plant. The lift pump chamber is what is filled up if a pump breaks. In this unfortunate event, the lift pump remover springs into action. Dressed in a full body suit, he uses a vacuum-like tool to clean up the mess.

Other jobs include crime scene cleaner, slaughterhouse and proctologist.