From Soothing Sobriety Shots to Miracle Hangover Strips

 - Feb 4, 2014
Any hardcore drinker looking to get a little creative with their morning after routine should pay attention, because these humorous hangover remedies are offering some inventive ways to sober up.

While eating greasy foods and drinking lots of water are often the go-to options for diminishing alcoholic effects, these outside the box remedies are showcasing some quirky solutions that tackle heavy hangovers in a comical way. From hangover drinks that offer instant sobriety to arm patches that help prevent the alcoholic effects the next day, these inventive hangover remedies will definitely entice drinkers looking to eliminate the negative consequences that come with booze.

A great gag gift for friends or family members that like to party hard, these hangover remedies will definitely provide some offbeat ways to deal with headaches after drinking.