The Sober Up Hangover Cure Reverses the Damage of Drinking

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: soberup & coolthings
Unlike many other hangover cures, Sober Up shots don't try to restart the body with a boost of caffeine. Instead, it cleans out the toxins in the liver from a night of heavy drinking, relieving drinkers of headaches, nausea and pain so they can get on with their day or go back to sleep.

Consisting of all natural ingredients, this elixir does not use any food coloring or preservatives and contains only 11 calories per shot. Within 20 minutes, users will feel the soothing effects of this concoction, making it useful not only for next-day hangovers, but also to restore mental clarity that night after, or even during, drinking.

Drinkers who tend to overdo it with the alcohol can feel better instantly with Sober Up.