The 'Anatomy of a Hangover' Details the Causes and Cures of Symptoms

 - Mar 19, 2013
The 'Anatomy of a Hangover' guide is the ideal way to learn about what ails you the morning after. If you are still suffering from the St. Patrick's Day debauchery, this guide is definitely heaven sent.

This illustration points out the regions in the body that could be affected by alcohol use, along with the scientific explanation as to what is happening. It also offers methods that could be used in order to alleviate specific symptoms.

Why this hangover chart is so effective is that it isolates an individual's problems and addresses them specifically. Most hangover remedies are too broad and shouldn't be used to treat multiple symptoms. For instance, if you are dehydrated, the hair of the dog won't do the trick. In fact, it will just make things worse.