From Cab-Inspired Flats to Crafty Creature Bags

 - Oct 1, 2013
Acclaimed fashion brand Kate Spade is often known for its fun and witty designs, and these eclectic Kate Spade products are showcasing some humorous examples of how this popular fashion retailer continues to satisfy fashionistas with its often contemporary references.

The Kate Spade brand has been able to amazingly keep up with modern technology and hip social lingo by incorporating these features into their chic handbags and accessories, often with a fun and witty touch. By doing so, the fashion retailer has been able to attract a very youthful and hip consumer base that is attracted to modern and contemporary references such as Twitter or Facebook.

From tote bags outfitted with humorous hashtag phrases to miniature clutches shaped like popsicles, these eclectic Kate Spade products continue to capture the attention of buyers with its use of modern technological references and lighthearted designs.