The Jumpthru Study Shows that Females Favor Pinterest and Blogs

 - Jun 25, 2012
References: & mediabistro
This Jumpthru study explores the mediums that women use and trust the most online. It is no surprise that Pinterest has one of the highest rating of 81% while blogs are tied with the same percentage.

In terms of what influences women to make a purchase, it is evident from this chart that women are willing to take recommendations from their favorite blogs, and in second place it's Pinterest. In terms of where women like to have fun online and seek entertainment, Facebook takes the lead compared to the other social sites.

This study provides vital information for marketers, in terms of strategic planning for online initiatives. Women tend to resort to blogs when it comes to seeking new products and attaining product information, and often come across new products and ideas on Pinterest. By targeting brand-related blogs, companies can proactively reach their target audience.