The Wipe T-Shirt Provides a Convenient, Clean Surface for Your Devices

 - Oct 6, 2011
References: & trendpool
The Wipe T-Shirt falls into a growing niche of fashion whose primary purpose is to accommodate the technology used by the modern consumer. While you'll doubtless look good in this shirt, the idea is to clean your gadgets (or glasses) using the embedded microfiber patches which are strewn stylishly across the torso.

Everyone does it; you're in the midst of conversation and suddenly notice a smear on your iPhone. Instinctively, you reach for the hem of your t-shirt and wipe the stain away. Yet, that sweaty, potentially mildewy shirt is probably the worst cleaning tool on the planet, particularly for delicate LCD screens. The fact that those pesky smartphones and tablets tend to smudge easily has led Japanese fashion firm Fift to design and produce the Wipe T-Shirt. Priced at $81 and available in two monochromatic versions, this shirt is perfect for both gadgeteers and the bespectacled.