Wipak's Popcorn Packaging Facilitates Easy Snacking and Sharing

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: propercorn & packagingnews
UK-based popcorn brand Propercorn has long prided itself for helping to create a snacking culture that places the focus on sharing, and now the company's delicious products are now set to be the beneficiary of new popcorn packaging that is designed to facilitate this mantra.

Devised by Wipak, Propercorn's new popcorn packaging is equipped with an innovative film structure that allows for greater flexibility. More importantly, the packaging also features a pull-away panel that is easy enough to engage with your fingers but durable enough to survive factory handling, shelf-stocking and backpack-storing. At the same time, the panel feature is also easy to use if you're feeling greedy and looking to down a package of popcorn on your own.

This popcorn packaging is a great example of package design supporting the product's positioning among consumers, in this case by encouraging and facilitating easy sharing.