Rupert LaMontagne Photographs Winter Walks for C-Heads

 - Feb 6, 2015
References: instagram & c-heads
Montreal-based photographer Ruper LaMontagne photographed models Adele, Amelia, Katia, Kate, Melrose and Jazmin embarking on some gorgeous winter walks through New York and Montreal.

Far from being just another "pretty face," each girl reveals depth and complexity in her expression. It's a testament to LaMontagne's talent that he is able to showcase such extreme emotional range within his subjects.

The viewer is given glimpse to something rare and special: a flash of humanity in a still image. The girls in the photos, though beautiful, are presented to us as human. They are flawed and imperfect and messy creatures, much like us, with windblown hair and stares straining to bear the weight of the bitter cold.