Subaru's Winter Marketing Stunt Provides Shovels to Non-Subaru Drivers

Knowing that copious amounts of snow on the roads would cause some Canadian drivers to get stuck, Subaru set up a helpful (albeit tongue-in-cheek) winter marketing stunt. After a particularly heavy snowfall in Montreal, Subaru surprised 500 non-Subaru drivers with a branded blue shovel to free their vehicles from a mountain of snow that had piled up overnight.

On the handles of the snow shovels, Subaru included a message that read: "While waiting for your all-wheel drive," cleverly showing that Subaru drivers don't find themselves as helpless in the winter as many others do. Although the stunt definitely takes a jab at drivers who have chosen to buy a different brand name car, at least Subaru is still willing to lend a helping hand to those who support its competitors.