Each of 96 Wines' Wine Label Designs Are Individually Painted

 - Jun 30, 2014
References: passportdsn.au & thedieline
The designers at Melbourne's Passport agency took it upon themselves to create a unique brand and wine label designs that would celebrate both wine and art. The Grenache for bottling was sourced from the Barossa valley, which is one of the oldest regions in Australia for wine. This wine was particularly special, since there was only enough to fill 96 bottles. Using this as the inspiration for the bottles, 96 Wine was created.

The number 96 became like a story in itself and each and every wine bottle label was painted in red with a unique design. This included everything from art pieces depicting balloon dogs to anchors and cherry trees, highlighting the individuality and craftsmanship of each bottle, as well as what an art it is to make good wine.