The Üllo Wine Purifier Easily Filters and Removes Artificial Preservatives

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: kickstarter & blessthisstuff
Anyone who has ever decided to have that one extra glass of wine -- and paid for it in the morning -- will be happy to hear about these easy-to-use wine filters.

The 'Üllo Wine Purifier' is a tool designed to remove sulfites -- artificial preservatives used to bottle and store wine -- from your favorite vino drink. Once a bottle has been opened, the sulfites are no longer needed, and many attribute a sensitivity to these sulfites to headaches associated with wine drinking. This device easily fits over most glasses or carafes and as the wine filters through a polymer screen removes unnecessary sediment and sulfites without affecting the overall taste.

The 'Üllo' also has a built in aerator feature that can easily be toggled on and off, depending if you prefer to let you wine breath or not. A silicone base is also included and is used to store the tool to prevent any unwanted drips after use.