The Windroos Tent Moves with the Wind to Shield Those Within

There are temporary shelters for all kinds of purposes, some of which require special considerations such as with the Windroos Tent. The Windroos Tent is meant to function as a bar tent for festivals. Since that entails part of it is open, unpredictable weather changes could channel big gusts rather than deter them. Nevertheless, this shelter has something up its sleeve to avoid just that.

Comissioned by ‘Bolwerk vzw’ and designed by a team including Belgian industrial design student Simon Boury, the Windroos Tent responds to wind in order to continually shield its occupants from it. It essentially turns with it so that the elements stay out. Powered and inspired by nature, the Windroos Tent is made up of two parts: the bar that stands still and the shield that moves around.