Denmark University Creates Wiimote-Operated Lawnmower

 - Oct 23, 2009
References: 2leep & walyou
The Wii has done a good job replacing most natural human physical motions. Why go play tennis when you can play Wii tennis? Why go to the gym when you’ve got a Wii fit? Now a Wiimote-operated lawnmower is helping to expand the reach of the game system.

Employees at a Denmark university rigged this small lawnmower to follow commands from a Wiimote. If you can’t get enough of your Wii, you can now use to Wiimote operated lawnmower to extend play time.

It’s worth watching the video of the Wiimote operated lawnmower just to hear the guys talk. But we’d like to know, do you think this is a worthwhile invention?