The Phil Pauley Wi-Fly is an Electric Transit System

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: philpauley
The Phil Pauley Wi-Fly is an electric semi-autonomous public transit system. The Wi-Fly uses highly advanced wireless street recognition software, GPS and over 10 cameras to analyze where it is at any given time.

The Phil Pauley Wi-Fly is unique in that it requires the driver to stand while operating it, using the handlebar style controls, and can find its own way back home. It has a maximum speed of 30mph, making it suited to city or town driving, and will only require a standard driving license.

Wi-Fly charging docks will be located around convenient public infrastructure hubs, such as train stations, bus stations, shopping centers and large public or commercial buildings such as concert halls and theaters. Individuals will be charged on a time distance calculation and the pod will accept debit, credit or oyster cards, which will be used to activate to Wi-Fly.

The Phil Pauley Wi-Fly is large enough inside to accommodate the driver and a standing adult passenger or two grown up children. It also has enough space for luggage, groceries, shopping bags or hold-alls.