Whythef*ckdoyouhaveakid.com Asks Why

Whythef*ckdoyouhaveakid.com asks why, and attempts to explore, exactly why some of the more colorful members of our society have (or, better yet, are allowed to have) children, with the aid of captioned pictures.

Some of their proposed answers include:
- "Becuz you needed help carrying your luggage."
- "Becuz you wanted a snack on the go."
- "Becuz you wanted to teach your snake a lesson."

I feel somewhat dejected while trolling through the photos of whythef*ckdoyouhaveakid.com--because that’s what I do, I troll--recognizing that while it takes seven years worth of training to become a doctor, there is no prerequisite, studying or required IQ to procreate and foist your DNA upon the world.