The Why You Should Take a Holiday Infographic Promotes Having Time off Work

 - Apr 4, 2012
References: confused & confused
Anyone growing restless while working at their desk should look at the Why You Should Take a Holiday infographic to justify taking a much needed getaway.

Created by, the chart details traveling habits including how many days a year people across the world are allotted for holidays -- and how many of these days they actually take off.

According to the char, France, Spain, Denmark and the UK make the most use of their vacation days. Those countries were also given the most days off in a year (averaging at about 25) while Canada and the US were both given less than 20 days off a year and neither country took all of those days off.

The chart also provides a list of commonly used excuses why traveling is not an option for respondents, including monetary constraints and pressure to work harder.

Citing increased productivity, less illness and stress and greater life satisfaction as reasons why people that vacation are usually happier, Why You Should Take a Holiday promotes taking some much deserved time off.