'Why Don't Video Game Characters Pee' Shows Clueless Characters

 - Sep 16, 2011
References: kotaku & buzzfeed
The question that the clip 'Why Don't Video Game Characters Pee?' brings to light is a fair one. After all, none of them seem to ever want a quick bathroom break when on an epic adventure.

The 'Why Don't Video Game Characters Pee' clip is a hilarious look into why gaming figures don't have the need to answer nature's call. It turns out they are absolutely clueless about taking a whiz. When a friend of Ryu's (Street Fighter) asks where the bathroom is, he's given a confused look from Megaman and Princess (Super Mario). He sits the three down and starts to explain the basic human need to urinate. However, the characters then pose even more questions, which escalates into a whole different topic on human biology. Watch the video and learn how clueless these gaming characters are!