The Whatatree Shower Brings Nature Back to the Bathroom

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: hanselschlouptdesign & designbuzz
Taking a shower in the future is bound to be a whole different ballgame if designs like the Whatatree Shower are any indication. Designed by Hansel Schloupt Design, the Whatatree is a tree-inspired shower that seeks to bring nature back into the home.

The shower is designed to look like a young, leafless tree in late autumn. The shower's lower "branches" are used to hold articles of clothing and towels while its upper branches take the form of the shower head. The design is simple and clean, letting you get a unique shower experience without having to break the bank by purchasing a luxury shower head or a new system.

The Whatatree Shower was entered into sanitary company Roca's Jump the Gap 2011 Contest. The contest was seeking shower and bathtub designs that would help people connect with nature indoors.