This Comic Reveals What Your Style of Beer Says About You

 - Oct 15, 2013
References: laughingsquid & thatsnerdalicious
This hilarious ‘What your beer says about you’ comic informs you what your beer drinking preferences reveal about your personality. Every type of beer is covered, from amber ale to light lager.

Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of light lager, your best days might have already gone by. If a bitter taste is more your style, then you might be nursing an unhealthy attachment to your ex – whom everyone is tired of hearing about, by the way. If you’re into cream ale, the comic suggests that your arteries are probably not on your top list of priorities (but I could have probably told you that too).

If you’re curious about how your brew of choice reflects on you, check out this hysterical comic. I’m not sure how accurate these parallels between drink and character are, but they’re still highly entertaining and will definitely not disappoint.