Studio Wessels Boer Pays Homage to a Bit of History with These Pieces

Studio Wessels Boer has put together these aluminum silhouettes situated in the facade of a brick building. The pieces each have a story associated with them to commemorate one of the first social housing developments in the Netherlands, back in the 1870s.

The silhouettes are placed in small square cut-out sections of the side of the building. The sections look like enclosed cases, with the artwork set inside on display. Because Studio Wessels Boer didn't want to take away from the existing area, the team put together the artwork as a part of the environment. As such, the housing in the area is not touched, apart from this one side of the building with silhouette artwork. The work is meant to celebrate the hard-working history from this area, which is represented through these art pieces.

Photo Credits: designboom,