Verywell Features Content From Doctors and Health Professionals

 - Apr 27, 2016
References: techcrunch
Verywell is a brand new wellness website, launched by online giant, that is designed to function as a one-stop website for anything and everything to do with health and wellness.

While there are tons of wellness websites out there, what makes Verywell stand out is the fact that it features curated content put together by over 120 experts that include doctors, dietitians, physiotherapists, trainers and other professionals, with all medical facts and claims reviewed and approved by proper physicians.

The Internet is home to lots of false and unverified health claims, which can be detrimental or even dangerous when people take them on board without truly researching or scrutinizing them. The Verywell website is a direct response to this, as it offers expert-reviewed claims on exercise, diet and other health and wellness areas that you can trust.