Mozilla's WebXR Viewer Lets Users Create and Experience AR

 - Dec 13, 2017
References: & blog.mozvr
As part of its mission to bring mixed reality experiences to the web, Mozilla recently launched the WebXR Viewer app, which now offers a way for developers to experiment with Apple's ARKit and web-based AR experiences without having to build an entire app of their own first.

With the WebXR Viewer app, users are able to see web pages created with JavaScript library, complete with sample code for building in-browser AR and VR applications.

As both augmented and virtual reality experiences become accessible to the average consumer, brands are experimenting with integrating these technologies into everything from retail shopping experiences to marketing. As a result, there will be a continued need for experimentation and the creation of engaging and intuitive new experiences, which Mozilla's WebXR Viewer has the potential to help with.