Bergqvist Shoes' 'We Love Shoes' Ads Have People Lovingly Gaze at Their Feet

 - May 28, 2014
References: adsoftheworld
'We Love Shoes' is a new print ad series from Bergqvist Shoes showing some people who are seriously in love with their kicks. Although we don't actually get to see the footwear that these people are lovingly gazing at, it's apparent that they absolutely cannot take their eyes off of them, since one woman is spilling her drink and a man is completely oblivious to his melting ice cream treat.

Without having to say much else, the ads cleverly sum up just how much people will similarly "Fall in love with the new spring arrivals." Since no shoes are shown, the ads are like teasers for Bergqvist's Spring collection. The humorous ads were made by Sweden's Spenat ad agency.