The Waypoint Cafe is Reinventing the LAN Cafe for the Modern Era

 - Feb 26, 2018
References: waypointcafenyc & kotaku
The Waypoint Cafe is part of a resurrection that is looking to bring back the local LAN cafe. Located in downtown Manhattan, this revamped LAN cafe ditches the seediness of 2000s spaces and instead offers high-end performance PCs, luxury service and an overall ambiance of modernism. The decently sized space currently charges $5 per hour to play competitive games on its computers and a $40 an hour room for broadcasting games on a $3,500 top-of-the-line PC. The LAN center also offers a basic cafe menu including coffees, teas and an assortment baked goods.

More LAN cafes and LAN centers like the Waypoint Cafe are starting to see a resurgence mainly due to the rise of eSports and game streaming. The communal spaces serve as popular recruitment spots for eSports teams and provide amazing experiences for viewing live eSports events. As owner Gino Gigante explains: "It’s not a LAN center; it’s an eSports arena," as the space may be used regularly for gaming, but it owes much of its success and continued support to eSports.

Image Credit: Waypoint Cafe