The Pepo Forest Watermelon Slicer is a Fun Way to Cut the Fruit

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: amazon & thegreenhead
Acting like a cookie cutter for watermelon, the Pepo Forest Watermelon Slicer takes slices of the fruit and turns them into fun, tree-shaped popsicles that are perfect for on-the-go enjoyment.

Cutting watermelon can be an arduous task given the large and messy nature of the fruit. The slicer can be utilized by children after the watermelon has first been sectioned out into discs. Kids can then press the cutter into the melon and the rind to create fruit popsicles that can be eaten immediately, frozen for a cool treat or packed away for enjoyment later.

The Pepo Forest Watermelon Slicer features a deep cutting section and a safe top portion for depressing to make it a suitable utensil to use by adults and children alike.