The 'Scubar' Water Holder Enables Scuba Divers to Stay Hydrated

 - Sep 19, 2016
References: yankodesign
Being that scuba divers are often int bodies of water that aren't safe to drink from, the 'Scubar' water holder enables divers to keep water with them when they're below the surface.

The 'Scubar' works by being used with water capsules that are carried with the diver during their entire time underwater. When they become thirsty, the 'Scubar' simply needs to be placed in the mouth and chewed to release a gulp of water. This enables divers to remain underwater without having to surface should they become thirsty.

The 'Scubar' water holder is the design work of Dong Wha Park, Yoonji Lee and Jisu Yun, and solves a common problem in a futuristic way. The white color helps the 'Scubar' to be easily seen underwater against the various blue hues.