The Wall's Pastry 'Sausage Thins' and 'Half 'n' Half' are Tasty

 - May 11, 2018
References: walls-pastry & conveniencestore
The Wall's Pastry 'Sausage Thins' and 'Half 'n' Half' products have been unveiled by the brand in the UK as two new snacks that speak to growing consumer demand for calorie-reduced food varieties.

The new 'Sausage Thins' are just 70 calories per serving, while the 'Half 'n' Half' rolls are baked with a blend of 50% white flour and 50% wholewheat flour. This makes them perfect for consumers who are looking for a more healthful food product that still has the same flavor and style that they're looking for.

The Wall's Pastry 'Sausage Thins' and 'Half 'n' Half' snacks have been launched alongside two limited-edition pies that come in two flavors including 'Smoky Bacon with Parsnip & Maple Syrup' and 'Thai Style Pork with Coconut and Lemongrass.'