The StandCraft Creates a Workplace Against a Wall for Cafes or Offices

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: standcrafted & fastcoexist
Offering workers an alternative to sitting all day is the StandCraft wall-mounted desk design that lets workers stand while at a desktop. The desk is designed to work in small spaces and provide private areas for surfing the web or personal productivity.

The StandCraft is a versatile piece of office furniture that is designed to work in a variety of layouts and spaces. The desk features a wall-mount wooden spin that connects to a series of modular sectionals. One holds a laptop screen upright, another holds a drink and the other supports the keyboard.

The StandCraft is an ideal solution for providing a space to workers to access a desktop or a laptop in a layout that otherwise can't accommodate a desk or a table. The computer is simply mounted to the wall taking up little floor space.