The 'MATlamp' Wall Lamp Design Works via Rotational Movements

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: yankodesign
Lamps and lighting are overwhelming operated via switches and buttons, but the 'MATlamp' wall lamp design takes a different approach to help connect users to the items around them. Rather than being operated by a switch, the 'MATlamp' is rotated to be turned on, dimmed or brightened to create a physical connection with the inanimate object.

The rise of the Internet of Things (IOT) has consumers interacting physically with their environments less than ever. The 'MATlamp' helps to create a more personal connection to help enhance how one feels about their home and the things in it.

Designed by Nikola Gaytandjiev, the 'MATlamp' is a wall lamp design that can be installed easily and moved to help offer enhanced functionality from the quirky illumination solution.