Wake Turbulence Pictures the LAX Departures Over the Course of One Day

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: purephoto & likecool
How might the sky look if every scheduled flight for one day were to depart from Los Angeles airport at the same time? It might resemble the scene in Wake Turbulence. Photographer Mike Kelley spent about eight hours at the South Complex taking pictures of the takeoffs from the terminals' two runways, capturing almost every single aircraft on its ascent.

The artist took the liberty of rearranging the elements in his image, providing a clearer view of each jet through spacing. The viewer can make out the airline logos along the fuselages and the vertical stabilizers, reminding him that LAX is one of the most global airports. Differences in plane sizes give the Wake Turbulence more depth and represent departures from fore and rear tarmacs. You can even spot some airbuses landing in the background.