Calgary's McMahon Stadium Boasts a Conveinient Voting Station

 - Apr 4, 2018
References: globalnews & huffingtonpost
Prior to the municipal election in Calgary, Alberta, the city put up a new kind of voting station that would enable people to get out and cast their ballots more easily and efficiently.

In October, the city tested out a drive-thru service that allowed people to vote without having to even leave their cars. The system worked by directing voters to one of the four different polling lanes. Where an official confirmed that they're eligible to vote, checked their ID, and then gave them a "portable voting pouch containing all the ballots for mayor, councillor and school board." When the ballots were filled, voters could hand their ballot to an election official to take to the box, or hop out of their car and take it themselves if able.

With the inclusion of drive-thru voting stations, the city saw a much higher turnout than it did for its last election.