NYCHOS Takes Apart a Volvo for His 2014 Volvo Art Session

 - May 26, 2014
References: volvoartsession & juxtapoz
NYCHOS may not be a household name in the vein of Banksy, but his skills aren't to be discounted as his 2014 Volvo art session will show you. Volvos have received a lot of love in the auto industry for years because of their consistency and power. NYCHOS takes a different look at the auto company by finding out what really makes it tick.

Taking apart a car is an extremely involved and difficult process, one that's almost always reserved for the professionals. You wouldn't be able to tell that NYCHOS doesn't deserve that distinction by the way he easily carves this car up, leaving his mark with every touch.

By painting over it and taking it apart he makes the car look like a living organism.