This Volkswagen Touran Ear Ad Will Have You All Ears

 - May 30, 2011
References: volkswagen & coloribus
This latest Volkswagen Touran Ear ad from the carmaker gets up close and personal with body parts -- namely ears. One ad has been released in the May 2011 promotion for the new Volkswagen Touran. The Volkswagen Touran Ear print ad was done by advertising agency DDB in Stockholm, Sweden.

By looking at this ad, you may find yourself wondering how on Earth a giant ear could be connected to a car. The connection may not be the most obvious upon first glance, and yet this ad is certainly still effective; it captures viewer's attention and plays upon the cute text included in the print ad: "Don't get too close to the family. The spacious new Touran."

The spacious nature of the Touran car, mixed with the rather unappealing depiction of an old man's ear, makes this Volkswagen Touran Ear ad humorous and well done.