These Volkswagen Print Ads Show That Danger is a Matter of Distance

 - May 31, 2014
References: vw & adsoftheworld
On the left sides of these Volkswagen print ads are some pretty fearsome looking creatures with a lot of teeth and fur or scales. From close up, they look much larger and much more menacing than they really are, especially when you take a peek at the right side of the ads, which show that these frightening features actually belong to some tiny critters that are pretty harmless.

The ads serve to promote Volkswagen's ACC System for automatic distance control, which keeps drivers a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. As shown in the close-up photos, the reptile and dog do have teeth, so it's probably better to stay back instead of risk getting bitten. Quite humorously, these ads remark that "Danger is just a matter of distance."