The Volkswagen People's Car Project Invites Whimsical Submissions

 - Jun 13, 2011
References: proximityworld & adsoftheworld
Few vehicles will fit your needs and desires to a T, but the Volkswagen People's Car Project offers consumers a chance to design their own out-of-this-world automobiles.

With concepts conceived by people of all ages, the submissions are quite extraordinary, featuring dream cars that take the form of beach balls, ladybugs and blowfish, or those that insist on other aesthetic changes which add hovering power and super sleek skins.

The team at the Proximity advertising agency of Beijing have reinterpreted such ideas into charming 3D renderings. Each prototype embodies a shrunken scale, and the same glossy cobalt blue color. With such abstract models, the Volkswagen People's Car Project leaves room for other drivers' imaginations to play with each suggestion. Perhaps you may be inspired to design your own whimsical wheels?