Viva Vantage Wins Over Fans of a Competitor's Products

 - Feb 2, 2015
References: vivatowels & spiral16
It's not often that people proclaim their love of paper towels, so Viva Vantage goes bold with this stunt to win over people who have publicly expressed that they are fans of Bounty's products.

For people who made a declaration like "I love Bounty" on Facebook, Viva Vantage visited the houses of these people, bringing cupcakes and samples of their own paper towels to show and share. In order to build its own army of brand advocates from people who were formerly fond of the competitor's product, Viva Vantage showed off what makes its product unique, including a stretchy feature that's unique to its paper towel. Although this campaign is specific to a cleaning product, this is a model that could easily be adopted by other brands for a range of products and services.