Visions of Depth by Mikko Lagerstedt Explores Concept of Light and Dark

 - Jun 3, 2015
Visions of Depth is a photo series revolving around a single thought, "From the depths of night, you can find the light." A sentiment written by the photographer, Mikko Lagerstedt, it focuses on a beautiful juxtaposition that is older than time. Without one, the other can't exist. This sense of urgency is uniquely captured via serene scenes.

Bright constellations light up the dark night skies in the Visions of Depth photo series. Reflecting in still pools of water, each image is alive with a glowing aura many people will find themselves wishing they could witness in person. Granted, there's a surreal element to the Visions of Depth series that will encourage people to dream about these places.