Teenage Female Battles Gain Momentum on the Internet

 - Feb 4, 2010   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: wcbstv
Professional fighting is big money. First it was boxing, then ultimate fighting--and now? Viral girl fights on YouTube.

You read correctly.

There's a direction towards teenage girls putting videos of themselves fighting on YouTube. My own search for 'girl fight' resulted in 277,000 video results. While experts claim part of this might be due to the desire to be famous on the internet, it seems to go deeper than just the need to get noticed. 

Implications - This viral video phenomenon informs parents of the goings on in teenage girls' lives to ensure protection and prevention. These girl fights for the sake of Internet fame are not only unsafe, but also have undeniable consequences for the reputations of the girls involved. The more educated parents are about these unusual, yet frequent occurrences, the less likely they are to occur.