From Japanese Primate Portraits to Far East Lawn Decor

 - Jan 3, 2012
The Internet may have a torrid love affair with ninjas, but that doesn’t mean that love can’t be shown to all of these superb samurai features. No matter what you’re into, there’s more than likely a samurai version of it that can be found here. Like fashion? There’s a ton of samurai runway looks. If you’re into umbrellas designed to look like deadly weapons, then you’re in luck as well.

Perhaps the best thing about all of these super samurai features is that nearly all of them are functional. These aren’t just awesome display samurai swords or commemorative sets of armor. They’re chopsticks, umbrellas and clothing designed to actually be used -- not to merely sit on a shelf. If you’re looking for a touch of badassery to be injected into mundane household items like garden gnomes, then you’re going to want to check out all of these superb samurai features.