Malin Koort's Vintage Sculptures are Adorably Cartoonish

 - Jun 30, 2013
References: & inspirefusion
Swedish artist Malin Koort has created a series of lovable, vintage sculptures made entirely out of paper. Each of her creations consists of a sculpture of a cartoonish individual, dressed in a vintage, 50s-era style, doing an everyday task with a comedic amount of zest and concentration.

With this series of sculptures, Koort has created an entire community of characters. After looking through the entire collection, viewers can almost create a story including each of these characters. For instance, the woman putting rouge on her face while wearing a fluffy pink bathrobe, her hair full of curlers, might be the unobservant wife of the man trying to soothe three crying babies. It's a fun and interactive way to create art, and provides viewers with the opportunity to inject themselves into the works' diegetic world. This opportunity for viewers to use their imagination really sets this series apart from others, putting Koort at the forefront of cute and quirky creations.