Dutch Artist Diemut Strebe Regrew Vincent Van Gogh's Ear

The story of a tortured artist cutting off his own ear is one people are pretty familiar with, so it's pretty shocking a Dutch artist decided to regrow Vincent Van Gogh's ear. Diemut Strebe recreated Van Gogh's missing ear using the famous impressionist's own genetic material.

Surrounded by rumors, myth and mystery, the mutilated ear holds a special place in popular culture. By using living cells provided by the great great grandson of the historic painter's brother, Strebe managed to recreate the bodily appendage along with computer imaging technology.

As part of Strebe's Sugababe project, Vincent Van Gogh's ear can be viewed at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany. If you would like to talk to the lifelike ear, visitors can use nerve impulse-simulating software.