The Vespucio Cordova Building Comes to a Sharp Concrete Point

 - May 26, 2018
References: archdaily
While architecture's brutalist movement has indeed featured plenty of sharp, precise lines that result from the use of concrete, the Vespucio Cordova Building in Chile takes that concept a step beyond the traditional imagining. Thanks to the urban morphology that surrounds the office space, the building has two dramatic, sharp concrete edges that are far more exaggerated than the typical building in the brutalist style.

The sharpness of the Vespucio Cordova Building isn't the only way that it upsets brutalism. The Building also deftly combines modern high rise design with those older tenets. Its concrete structural supports are skeletal, and much of the remaining facade is covered in pure glass, which would be unheard of for a strict brutalist.

Image Credit: Fernanda del Villar