These Toys for Kids Help Adults Watch the Versailles TV Show in Peace

 - Apr 21, 2017
References: & adweek
To acknowledge the fact that the Versailles TV show on Canal+ is full of content that is only suitable for adult audiences, the network worked with French agency BETC on 'Versailles for Kids.'

The series tells of the reign of Louis XIV in the Palace of Versailles, with themes of wealth, power, deceit and betrayal throughout the show, as well as many displays of love and lust.

Since the second season of Versailles is set to be especially raunchy, Versailles for Kids was developed as a playset that offers different distractions for every episode, such as paper construction crafts, board games, a gardening kit, costumes and even a make-your-own custom wax seal. These toys are accompanied with a mobile app that's designed to keep kids occupied for the duration of a show, so that parents may watch the show.