The Pedalist Lets You Use Motor Power to Augment Your Pedaling

 - Apr 22, 2015
References: pedalistcycles & gizmag
The Pedalist is an electric-assist velomobile developed by San Diego-based company Virtue Cycles. The peculiar but brilliant vehicle caught the attention at Interbike in Las Vegas but is now planning to attract dollars over at Kickstarter.

This tadpole-like trike is powered by a 750-Watt motor and will run on a 48-volt 32-amp lithium-ion battery pack. Its motor-only range will be around 80 km, with an electronically limited top speed of 32 km/h in the US. In addition to this throttle mode, users will be able to use the motor to augment their pedaling.

The Pedalist is an example of a vehicle that is human-powered but uses technology to augment the limitations of human energy, making for a wholesome and fun transportation experience.