Das Eis' 'LOVE' Vegan Ice Cream Dessert is Made with Rose Blossom

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: daseis.eu & biofach.de
This vegan ice cream dessert from Das Eis is a satisfying certified organic snack that's made with plant-based ingredients. The composition of this vegan-friendly soy-free dessert includes a list of beneficial superfood ingredients, including pomegranate, rose blossom and chia seeds. The brand calls its LOVE ice cream a "craft gelato," as one that's inspired by ancient craftsmanship and care.

As well as being a standout product for its clean ingredient list and vibrant flavor, the packaging design for LOVE includes a small spoon for serving in the lid of its compostable cup.

During the rise of the health movement, many consumers become familiar with the addition of even the most exotic fruits, vegetables and superfoods. As such, floral ingredients are now being seen as novel additions to an assortment of food and beverage products.