The VEARK-CK01 is a Comfortable and Exceptional Cutting Tool

 - Nov 20, 2018
References: kickstarter & blessthisstuff
Designed to be a one-piece kitchen tool, the VEARK-CK01 is an elegant chefs knife with a robust 20cm stainless steel blade and a classic chef's knife shape. Crafted with minimalism in mind, the VEARK-CK01 lacks any intricate embellishments and ditches classic wooden handles in favor of a simple steel grip. The open handle also allows the knife to be better held in a chef's pinch grip, as the channel in the grip invites a user's thumb to slide onto the blade in a comfortable fashion.

The blade itself is manufactured through a classic German forging process and is done in Solingen, Germany. This forging process is iconic to the region and ensures that each knife is a unique piece and no two are alike. The traditional forging also produces a blade that is easier to maintain and can easily be resharpened to an impressive cutting edge.